Helical Pier Drilling: When To Use It

Helical Pier Drilling is a technique that uses anchors in order to secure structures to the soil, even when there are difficult soil conditions. The use of a conventional foundation is not recommended.

Helical Piers: Learn More

Helical Pier Drilling uses anchors in order to secure structures to the soil when conditions are less than ideal. These piers consist of a helical shaft made from steel. These piers look like large screws and can be used for attaching any structure to them. This pier comes in handy when drilling is impossible due to poor ground conditions.

The spiral plates attached to the helical pier transfer the load from the shaft onto the soil. They don’t augur soil because of their helical shape. They are instead screwed in the soil, causing minimal disturbance. The helicals are separated so they can be used as load-bearing components to provide a solid base for structures.

Helical Pier Drilling: When is it the Best Option?

Helical Piers can be used for residential or commercial purposes. These helical piers can be used for driven piles, mini-piles, and caissons. These piers can be used when the foundation has been damaged or the soil is unstable. This can be caused by a ground with soft layers and high moisture levels.

In this case, it is possible that the foundations have been damaged. Pier drilling can be very useful in such situations. Look out for signs like uneven floors, large spaces between windows and doors, cracks in walls and ceilings and leaning chimneys.

Drilling helical-piers is a great option for industrial flooring repair because it can be completed quickly without disrupting business operations. Pier drilling is not possible if the bedrock is close to the surface. The helical would not adhere to the ground and drilling would be difficult.

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June 2024