How Fishing Lights and Dock Lights Attract Fish

Fishing with artificial lights has been a popular technique for many years, and it continues to be effective in attracting fish. The traditional belief was that hanging lanterns over the side of a boat would attract bugs, which would draw fish to the area. While this theory had some merit, advancements in technology have provided a better understanding of how lights attract fish.

How Dock Lights Attract Fish

The primary mechanism behind the effectiveness of fishing lights is the initiation of a natural chain reaction. When light is projected into or above the water, it attracts microscopic organisms called plankton. Bait fish such as shad and minnows, which feed on plankton, are then lured to the light source. As the bait fish gather, larger game fish are enticed to feed on them. Under the illumination of the lights, it is not uncommon to witness columns of baitfish stacked up to 15 feet high, with game fish suspended below. If baitfish are not gathering around the light within approximately 30 minutes, it is advisable to try a different area that may have a higher concentration of baitfish.

However, it’s important to note that fishing lights are not magical solutions. They can only attract fish if fish are present in the area. If you have a dock situated in two feet of freshwater where fish are not typically found, the lights may not yield significant results. Even with lights, it is essential to consider water quality, the presence of underwater structures providing hiding spots for fish, and access to deeper waters. If your dock lacks these features, the number of fish attracted to the light will be limited.

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