Recent Changes to Florida’s 25% Roof Replacement Rule

Many Florida homeowners are familiar with the challenges of roof damage, particularly during hurricane season. In the past, if a roof required more than 25% to be repaired or replaced, the entire roofing system had to be replaced. However, a recent change in legislation has brought significant modifications to Florida’s 25% roof replacement rule. Let’s explore these changes and their implications for homeowners.

Elimination of the 25% Roof Replacement Rule

On May 26, 2022, SB 4-D came into effect, eliminating Florida’s 25% roof replacement rule. Under the new law, a complete roof replacement is no longer mandatory if the remainder of the roof meets the requirements of the 2007 Florida Building Code or any later versions. Instead, only the specific portion of the roof undergoing repair or replacement needs to comply with the latest version of the Florida Building Code.

Florida Building Code Standards

The Florida Building Code 2020 previously outlined the standards that governed roof replacements. It stated that within a 12-month period, no more than 25% of the roof area of an existing building or structure could be repaired, recovered, or replaced unless replacing the entire roof system or section was necessary to comply with the code.

New Law: Section 553.884(5), Florida Statutes

With the implementation of SB 4-D, the 25% Roof Replacement Rule has been eliminated under certain circumstances. Section 553.884(5), Florida Statutes, provides specific guidelines. If a roofing system, roof section, or other existing structure was constructed, repaired, rebuilt, or replaced in accordance with the Florida Building Code 2007 or subsequent editions, and if 25% or more of that roofing system, roof section, or other existing structure requires repair, replacement, or recovery, only the portion undergoing work needs to comply with the currently effective Florida Building Code. This exception has been adopted by the Florida Building Commission and incorporated into the Florida Building Code, prohibiting local governments from modifying it through ordinances.

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