Travel Packing Listing



Keep all of this information in a single small secure bag, securely hidden and

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having your carry-on whatsoever occasions.

Q Passport

Q Eye Glass Prescription

Q Motorists License

Q Birth Record

Q Medical/Dental Insurance Plans Card

Q Personal Insurance Paper


Make certain these products are correctly marked and in a tiny, obvious zip-loc bag.

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You will need to show those to the safety people.

Q Alka Seltzer

Q Vitamins

Q Discomfort Killers (i.e. Aspirin / Tylenol)

Q Pepto Bismol

Q Prescription (s)

Q Antacid Tablets (i.e. Tums / Rolaids)


Be familiar with new security limitations regarding fluids. Hotels very frequently offer

complimentary hairdryers (ask before you decide to pack) shampoo, tooth paste and lotion.

It can save you lots of luggage space and hassle at security.