Packing and unpacking guide – Should you hire removalists, movers, or both?

The first step is to honestly assess packing takes a lot of time and energy. If your move date is soon, doing all the packing you may be difficult unless you take some time off work. Be realistic about how much time you have and your packing abilities. If you have weeks before the move, packing room-by-room may be manageable for you. But if you are short on time, consider getting professional packing help for main living areas or delicate, valuable items.

Compare removalist and mover services

While removalist and mover services both help people relocate, there are some key differences:

  1. Vmove Removals & Storage specialize in transporting and storing furniture and boxes. They bring a truck on moving day, disassemble furniture if needed, load it on the truck, and drive it to your new address.
  2. Movers focus on the packing process. They bring packing materials and pack up the entire contents of your home before the moving truck arrives.
  3. Removalists may offer some packing services, while movers may assist with furniture transportation. But their core focuses differ.

If using a removalist, you would need to do all or most of the packing yourself or hire separate packers. Movers allow you to outsource the packing process.

Decide if you need packing, transportation, or both

Once you understand the difference in services, you decide what tasks you specifically want to outsource:

  • If you have time to pack and just need help with furniture and box transportation on moving day, a removalist may be ideal.
  • If you’d rather not spend weeks packing and want to outsource this task, packing service or movers would be best.
  • If you want to outsource the packing and furniture transport, some movers provide end-to-end service. Or you may want to hire separate removalists and packers.

Consider when you need the house packed, your budget, and how much of the packing/unpacking you realistically do yourself. It will dictate whether you need removal, packing, or both services.

Book early if using movers for packing

If hiring movers to pack your household items, try to book them at least 2-3 weeks in advance of moving day. Packing takes time and movers often have limited availability if you leave it to the last minute. Booking early ensures the movers dedicate the time needed to carefully pack all your home contents. Last-minute packing is rushed and ineffective. Your items may not be packed well or labeled clearly. Booking movers early allows them to order necessary packing materials and schedule enough staff. You also have time to pack less commonly used items yourself.

Consider combined removalist/mover services

Some removal and packing companies offer combined services which be convenient and cost-effective. They will handle the entire packing process loading the truck and transportation on moving day.  Using one company for packing and removal avoids the hassle of coordinating between separate suppliers. It also streamlines responsibility if any damage occurs. Ask companies you get quotes from if they offer combined removalist and mover services. While the combined service fee may be higher than hiring separately, it reduces effort and coordination.



June 2024