Rug Shopping Tips To Help You Find Affordable Rugs 

It’s safe to say that finding Affordable rugs for your living or dining room is A LOT easier said than done, which is why you’re always going to be better off doing as much online research as you can when you’re in the initial stages of your area rug shopping. 

Shopping for rugs and flooring décor on a budget can be a rather tedious process, but with some expert help you can make this type of shopping fun again! We’ve partnered up with the specialists at Rug Source to develop this list of rug shopping tips oriented around finding affordable area rugs, so here are some of those tips: 

Shop For Used Area Rugs 

Although some people make consider used area rugs as antique rugs, there are plenty of ways to find affordable, used rugs. Consider checking out thrift stores, estate sales and other types of auction opportunities to find area rugs at discounted prices. 

One thing that you’ll inevitably need to keep in mind when you go this route is that you may end up being susceptible to a knockoff, and getting a used rug can sometimes lead to unintended maintenance and upkeep. However, if you stay patient and follow certain guidelines, you should be able to find a high-quality area rug at a great price when you browse through used options. 

Why Not Get A Knockoff Area Rug? 

You don’t always have to have authentic Persian or Oriental rugs in your home to impress your guests, because there are plenty of knockoff area rugs that look and feel great. Of course these types of rugs will generally be made of synthetic materials as opposed to natural fibers, but when you’re on a budget this shouldn’t be that big of a deal anyways.

Hand-tufted area rugs are also a great option to keep in mind when you don’t want to spend as much on an authentically hand-knotted rug. But in general, if you want a good deal, then you can find one when you’re willing to lower your quality expectations.

Online Area Rug Shopping 

The future of the rug industry is shifting digitally, and today a significant percentage of all sold area rugs are digital transactions. This means that you should keep up with these industry trends and do a bunch of online browsing. 

The good news is that there are plenty of wonderful online rug outlets today that offer great prices on incredibly high-quality rugs. Some of these outlets include Rug Source, Wayfair and Overstock. 

Consider Warehouse & Discount Stores 

There are also many other home décor discount stores that offer area rugs that you’ve probably not considered for one reason or another. The truth is that if you’re shopping for affordable rugs, then you’re going to need to expand your search to many types of interior design stores. 

It’s even possible to find natural fiber rugs like wool rugs when you’re looking for affordable options via these types of stores. 

Always Work With Experienced Specialists When You’re Shopping For Affordable Rugs! 

Finding affordable rugs can be tough, which is exactly why you shouldn’t go about this type of home décor shopping on your own. You’ll always put you and your rug shopping in a much better position for success when you partner up with experienced specialists, and this means taking the time that you need to understand your unique needs. 

You can learn more about affordable rugs by speaking directly with the Rug Source team via the link to their site at the top of the blog! 


July 2024