Is Living in Highlands Ranch, Colorado Right for You and Your Family?

Is Living in Highlands Ranch, Colorado Right for You

Tucked against the spectacular backdrop of the Rocky Mountains is the charming town of Highlands Ranch. The town offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and modern amenities, especially if you love lots of space and outdoor activities. Moving to Highlands Ranch lets you live your ideal lifestyle in one of Denver’s most desirable suburbs. If you are new to the area or considering buying a home in Highlands Ranch, here are some fun activities to explore.

Visit Highlands Ranch Mansion

This suburb town borrows its name from its oldest building, the Highways Ranch Mansion. Since its construction in 1884, this mansion has been home to various Colorado ranchers, businessmen, and influential families.

Unlike most historic homes for sale in Highlands Ranch, this one is not up for sale. However, it is now open to visitors for tours every Tuesday and Thursday. You can take nice tours of the building itself, wander through the gardens, and see the windmills, historic barns, and other ranch structures. This mansion is also a great spot for entertainment, educational and cultural programs, and private events like weddings.

Escape the Heat at Civic Green Park

Civic Green Park has a huge pavilion that can hold over 100 people, and a garden and overlook shelters that can individually seat up to 40 people. Prepare a picnic lunch using the grills.

Your kids will definitely like the playground not only for the equipment but also for the enormous books. Also, let them enjoy playing on the stream and splash pads, which are great for escaping the summer heat.

Hike the Trails

There are hiking trails throughout Highlands Ranch, most of which loop through parks, past the Highlands Ranch Mansion, and wind through the Highlands Ranch back area. One such notable hiking trail is the Cheese Ranch Historic & Natural area.

Walk your canine, bike, or simply stroll along the area’s more than 70 miles of trail.

Check Out the Craft Beers

While Denver is widely renowned as one of the country’s most prolific craft beer centers, the city’s suburbs also contribute some great beverages, Highlands Ranch being one of them. Local pubs offer a nice assortment of local brews and an always casual and friendly ambiance.

One such place that you should not miss is the Grist Brewing Company. If you are traveling alone, this is also a nice place to interact with locals and other patrons.

Take the Kids to Dad Clark Park

There is no better place for children to have fun than a large park with an incredible playground, especially when no cost is involved. Dad Clark Park is a renovated playground located on Astorbrook Circle.

homes for sale in Highlands Ranch

This renovated playground now offers more shade, slides, and climbing equipment that lets you tag your pet along. Children can play hide and seek as you enjoy the many amenities available, including basketball courts, a pavilion, and barbecue grills.

Moving to Highlands Ranch? Consult Brian Grimm

Highlands Ranch is a nice, welcoming community, and for good reasons. Are you considering relocating to this suburban town? Talk to Brian Grimm about the available homes for sale in the area. Agent Grimm will guide you through everything you need to know before settling on a home and handle all the necessary documentation and processes to ensure you secure your ideal home. Call today to get started!


July 2024