Window Repairs: Call The Professionals or Go The DIY Route? 

Home Improvement

Window repairs are most unfortunate and never planned for. Whether it’s kids playing around with their toys, extreme weather conditions, fluctuating temperatures, or simply age, it can be costly and inconvenient. It can leave homeowners scrambling for a solution, where most debate the benefits of searching for “glass window repairs Auckland” or attempting to DIY (do-it-yourself) a fix themselves. It can be a stressful situation, leaving you unsure of what the best course of action is. And if you ever find yourself facing this sort of crisis, we urge you to call us at Glenn Innes Glass before making any final decisions.

While there are cost and scheduling implications associated with hiring a professional for a glass window repair, you should still weigh up the benefits of it rather than attempting to fix it yourself.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind before deciding what’s best for your home:

Increased Risk

No matter how many internet tutorials someone may have watched in order to prepare for a window repair, inexperience can be very risky. Glass shards not only have the potential to hurt you, but they could also cause greater damage that results in more serious wounds. You are putting yourself and your family at risk by attempting to fix it yourself to save a few bucks if you lack the necessary skills, tools, or safety gear.

Costly Inexperience

Although the market is flooded with DIY kits encouraging homeowners and property managers to fix window repairs themselves, there is still a certain skill level to do this effectively. With limited experience in this field, you are not able to accurately assess the break. What appears to be a minor crack, can actually end up shattering the entire pane. Repairs can quickly become complicated, so instead of spending money on the tools and equipment and then ending up having to call a professional anyway – rather speak to us at Glenn Innes Glass the first time around. 

Warranty Woes 

With any repairs or replacements that you do yourself, you are putting yourself at risk in many ways. But what many homeowners forget about is the lack of warranty protection. With most reliable professional companies, like ourselves over at Glenn Innes Glass, we assure our clients of a warranty and guarantee with our work. When you forgo calling out a professional, you put yourself in a costly situation. If you do not repair a window properly, you risk it breaking again in the future and cause more damage. 

Lengthy Fixes 

Because of the lack of technical skill and expertise, repairing a simple fix may take you much longer than a professional. As you can imagine, a more complicated fix can become even lengthier. And depending on where the window is situated this can lead to insect infestations, damaged belongings or even criminals gaining access to your home. At Glenn Innes Glass, we work quickly and efficiently and will always strive to ensure we leave your home properly secured. 

Unsightly Repairs 

Working with glass can sometimes be an art, even simple window panes. Alignment, fixtures, and aesthetics play a huge role in the way your window looks after repairs or a replacement. And this can either enhance or detract from your living space. The risk with fixing a broken glass window yourself, is that you simply do not have the skill set to masterfully install a window. It may look cheap, skew, or even untidy. 

[CTA] Although time and cost play an important factor, weighing up whether to call out a professional or fix your window yourself is risky. You may end up saving now, but because of your inexperienced repair, it may end up costing you much more in the future. We are your go-to for efficient glass window repairs in Auckland. We work quickly, promise you a high standard of work, and offer affordable rates. Contact us today for all your emergency needs.