Six Last-Minute Additions That Can Improve Your Property’s Value

If you are looking to capitalise on the property market’s current buoyancy, there are many ways in which you can seek to improve the value of your home. Modernisation and restoration work are most common, typically incurring costs of time and money that are then likely to be returned through the property’s value during sale.

However, there are a number of last-minute additions that can be used to improve a property’s value, those that require substantially less time to install and are far more cost-effective too. So, whether you’re looking to support a more efficient sale or would like to simply add extra value to your home, we have six tips to help.

Wireless Charge Points

Plug sockets have undergone a number of changes over the previous years, from the addition of USB ports to the currently popular pull-out charging points. However, these changes, along with the need to have the correct wires on hand, are becoming an ever more outdated concept. Instead, having wireless charging points, those concealed beneath surfaces or mounted neatly onto shelves, are now more desirable and, it is predicted, future-proof.

Extra Lighting

The lighting within a property greatly influences the sense of space, cleanliness, and quality of a room. Unfortunately, bulbs lose their glow and rooms can be seen without the optimum amount of natural light. This is why, before showing your home to the market, you should refresh its lighting and ensure that it is always seen in the best light possible.

Outbuilding Addition

As homeowners seek to improve their property’s facilities, including the search for a home office or hobby space, outbuildings have seen a surge in popularity, and understandably so. The addition of annexes and log cabins to a home is an affordable and easy to manage project that adds extra floor space to a property with ease.

Smart Boiler

While there are a number of smart home features that make for excellent last-minute additions to a property, the smart boiler is perhaps the most useful. Being able to control your boiler’s activity more accurately and even when away from home is not only a luxury but it can drastically reduce energy bills too. Some will even work with your mobile devices to turn on when you are on your way home!

Statement Plants

A statement plant, such as a cheese plant of impressive stature or an established ficus, can add brilliance to a space, making it feel more organic and comfortable, impressing visitors with a sense of life and nature. Not only are they aesthetically beautiful, but they can even obscure unfortunate blemishes, should you need to conceal a work in progress.

Extra Shelving

Homes typically fall into the horizontal dimension, with furniture and trinkets remaining at a lower level. In addition to detracting from floor space, this also leads to a home feeling small. The addition of even a few, high shelves, especially those that can lift items further from the floor, can not only create more floor space but can also make a room seem taller and, as a result, more valuable.


June 2024