Mark Roemer Oakland Discusses Garden Features That Will Impress Your Neighbors

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Are you interested in creating a garden that will impress your neighbors? Mark Roemer Oakland discusses how you can do it easily. There are some simple garden features that can draw attention to your garden and leave your neighbors with envy.

Garden Features That Will Impress Your Neighbors

  • Garden Sheds

Actually, your garden will remain incomplete without a proper garden shed. Garden sheds can not only help you clear the clutter but also add some style and personality since they come in different designs and styles. 

You can consider the installation of garden sheds that are painted in unique and contrasting colors. It will help in making your garden stand out. Therefore, forget about the brown wood effect, and instead of it, try to go for something bolder. 

If you want, you can even think about the installation of skylights.

  • Flowerpots

There is no doubt that your neighbors will be impressed by your garden if it has plenty of flowers in it. There are different types of flowers you can consider and plant in your garden. For instance, roses are quite common, and they still make your garden look incredible. Honeysuckle and hydrangeas are also some popular options. 

You can even consider planting peonies if you want flowers that smell sweet.

  • Focal Point

Your garden will obviously look incredible and stand out if it has a proper focal point. Not only do focal points look great but they are also quite trendy. You can always focus on creating a focal point that is unique to your house. 

A focal point can almost be anything from a dramatic statute to a weeping willow. It can be anything as long as it is capable of directing the eye. If you prefer, you can even consider installing a tall birdbath on your patio. You can even make a flower wall that is adorned with different flowers. 

In addition to it, you can consider building a small pond that has unique ornaments and lily pads.

  • Sitting Place

A proper sitting place in your garden will definitely catch the eyes of your neighbors. If your garden has a concrete patio, you should consider the addition of some furniture to it. Even if your garden does not have a concrete patio, you can still add some furniture to your garden.

For instance, you can add a couple of wooden chairs and a table to your garden. It will play an important role in improving the appearance and feel of your garden. In fact, whenever you want to have some relaxing time, you can sit in your garden. 

If you prefer, you can even consider adding a firepit near your sitting place. What you need is just a metal tub from your old washing machine. Using high paint, you can decorate it and you will have the coolest firepit anyone can get.


All in all, as Mark Roemer Oakland identifies, these are some garden features that will definitely impress your neighbors. Just by focusing on these features, you will be making a stunning and appealing garden.