Florida is home to several common tree pests, such as:

Florida is home to several common tree pests, such as

Citrus Psyllids: These insects can do extensive damage to citrus trees by feeding on the sap of their leaves and transmitting diseases.

Southern Pine Blighters: These beetles pose a serious threat to Florida’s pine forests and pose as one of the top threats for pine tree mortality.

Rugose spiraling whiteflies: These pests can do significant damage to ornamental plants like palms and ficus trees, as they feed off of their nectar sources.

Oak Wilt: This disease attacks oak trees, quickly killing them by blocking up their vascular system and ultimately cutting off oxygen supplies to their leaves.

Bagworms: These insects can damage trees by eating their leaves, with particular damage done to juniper and arborvitae trees.

Scales: There are various kinds of scales that attack trees in Florida, such as magnolia scales, tea scales and oak scales.

Carpenter Ants: Carpenter ants can do great damage to trees by burrowing deep into their wood, and can be particularly destructive when attacking weak or diseased ones.

Prioritize tree pest identification and management immediately in order to minimize their damage and protect both trees and their surrounding environments.

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