Common Mistakes To Avoid For Your Granite Countertop 

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Granite is an incredibly durable and strong stone. It takes a lot to damage granite. However, some common mistakes that people make reduce their lifespan. Proper care and cleaning can contribute to your granite countertop’s anticipated lifespan. 

Although it is not very difficult to take care of granite countertops, it is not very simple either. It is important to understand which activities or substances can harm granite to be safe. Knowing these facts can help you avoid common mistakes. Meanwhile, for the best granite and marble countertops from Granite au Sommet, consult with professionals there. 

Common mistakes to avoid for your granite countertop

  • Using harmful cleaning supplies. 

Several cleaning supplies that you commonly use at home can be dangerous to your granite and marble countertops. Do not use the following products to clean granite: 

  • Bleach
  • Vinegar
  • Ammonia
  • Glass cleaner
  • Bathroom, bathtub, or tile cleaners
  • Generic cleaning supplies with strong acids or alkalis

  • Not cleaning granite countertops frequently enough. 

Mistakes and spills commonly happen in the kitchen. Even if you have sealed countertops, it is recommended to clean them as soon as possible- no matter whether it is water or a coffee spill. Moreover, if you have not sealed your countertops recently, there might be areas where the sealant has broken. These areas are more vulnerable to stains. 

  • Strong improper things on the countertop. 

Be aware of what you store on granite countertops. Even the completely sealed countertops can become eroded with product leakages like oils, hair products, lotions, and other bottled liquids. These liquids can also seep through the sealant and stain the granite underneath if it is not cleaned soon enough. It is better not to store any liquids on your granite countertop. 

  • Not minding the heat. 

Yes, granite countertops are heat resistant and do not easily damage by the placement of hot pans. Moreover, it is not always possible to be careful in kitchens, and you may need to set down a hot pan here and there. While it is not okay for one or two times, frequent exposure to heat can start to cause damage. The solution to this is quickly placing a piece of cloth on the counter before placing the utensil. 

  • Standing or sitting on the countertop. 

Granite is one of the hardest and strongest materials found on earth, so you may think that sitting or standing on it may have no effect. You are wrong. Although hard, granite is brittle when exposed to a large weight at one time. It cannot bear a human weight and may crack or split.