Top 4 Benefits of Installing Backsplash in Kitchens

You might have stepped inside the kitchen of a friend and gotten awestruck at the sight of the behind-the-stove tiles. If yes, you probably saw a ceramic mosaic being used as a backsplash. 

Interested in learning why you too should use these amazing mosaic tiles in the kitchen? If yes, this quick post will be a delight to read. Have a look!

#1 It’ll give your kitchen its signature look

Ceramic mosaic tiles at elite sellers have an astounding variety. You’ll have the option to choose glazed or unglazed mosaics for your kitchen. The many ceramic mosaic designs you can bring home this season include:

  • Geometric pattern
  • Hex tile pattern
  • Modular pattern
  • A dark outline pattern
  • 3D pattern
  • Brick Wall pattern
  • Two-tile pattern
  • Three-tile pattern
  • Double-diamond pattern
  • Talavera pattern
  • Ornamental pattern
  • Abstract pattern
  • Retro pattern
  • Light white brick pattern 
  • Decorative pattern 

These are but a very few options. There’s a lot of more variety in colors too. You can check out the complete range of stunning backsplashes for kitchens at Ceramique au Sommet céramique cuisine

#2 It’ll protect the wall in many unimaginable ways 

The purpose of installing backsplashes indeed has an aesthetic inclination. Who doesn’t want a beautiful backdrop? But, the reasons you should install ceramic mosaic tiles aren’t curtailed to beauty only. There are many other practical benefits. Have a look!

  • When you have ceramic mosaics installed, naturally, the wall won’t catch stains. 
  • The wall underneath won’t catch moisture either since ceramic tiles are impervious to a very large extent. 
  • Your wall will stay intact for a long time since ceramic mosaic tiles are extremely resistant to flames. So, direct heat from the gas stove won’t harm the wall either. 

#3 It’s very easy to clean

Ceramic has this quality of not catching stains. Wherever splashes on the ceramic mosaic behind the stone will not be absorbed in the slightest. Whether it’s splatter from hot oil or stains from food, you’ll be able to wipe everything easily. 

A clean cloth is enough to wipe off all the stains. Let’s not forget the hygiene quote either: Ceramic doesn’t aid fungus or germs. Hence, installing a mosaic in the kitchen will also keep your family healthy. 

#4 It’ll increase the sales value of your house 

Bear in mind, ceramic mosaic tiles never go out of trend. They’re timeless classic beauties that add a lot of grace and charm to a kitchen. If you ever plan to put up your house on sale, buyers will certainly pay more for such a designer kitchen.  

On a parting note, stick to elite sellers when buying ceramic mosaics. The products will only be as genuine as the sellers are. If you’re based in Quebec, Ceramique Au Sommet is a very good option. 


June 2024