The Benefits and drawbacks of Hardwood Floors – Things You should know Before You Purchase

The Pro’s

There’s without doubt very difficult wooden flooring lends an aura of natural elegance along with a warm welcoming glow to the home. Hardwood floors includes a timeless air of quality also it certainly exudes a sense of permanence. Hardwood flooring are natural so it brings an all natural earthy feeling in your home that is something which more synthetic flooring just can’t match – there’s just something about the design of hardwood that can not be duplicated inside a factory and contains been stated that installing solid hardwood floors in your house is a superb investment which will retain its value with time.

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Various exotic lumber options make dramatic design statements, which types of wood may be used in enumerable ways for virtually every kind of decor. Each genus exhibits another sense, another color, another grain and texture, even scent.

Hardwoods in most their number of styles and colors won’t ever walk out fashion. There’s an ageless quality about hardwoods which will be sure that your house never becomes outdated due to its flooring.

The Disadvantages

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Hardwood Floors isn’t as resistant against scratches and ‘wear and tear’ than harder surfaces (like laminate flooring for eg.) and for that reason doesn’t cope too with heavy feet traffic, kids, and pets.

Hardwood is really a living material that reacts to variations in humidity and wears naturally with time so it’s less durable and hard as other floorings. Hardwood Floors is vulnerable to stains, scratches and fading unless of course great care is taken and hardwoods can be very impacted by moisture so you’ve got to be careful of spillages and leaks in your house.


July 2024