How you can Repair Burn Marks on Roll Flooring: Q&A

Q: Hi Gil…

I’ve got a do it yourself chat question for you personally!… twelve months ago we’d new linoleum (that old fashioned folded kind) put lower within our kitchen… this lovely terra cotta color… oops, I am talking about colour… also it looks very lovely…

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… eventually, I switched around the wrong burner around the stove… when I observed which i had full heat on the Pyrex cake plate it had been far too late… BANG!… little items of Pyrex travelled everywhere… and are you aware they really left burn marks in some places all around the floor?

… what is the method to repair this?

Thanks, Aarifa

A: As the flooring is totally new, I am guessing you’ve vinyl roll. The burn marks could be patched for those who have, or could possibly get some pieces of the identical material. It’s like patching wallpaper. Convey a piece bigger than the usual burn mark within the burn mark, complement the pattern and firmly tape lower the patch. Utilizing a sharp blade, cut through old and new together, well past the broken area. Make use of a straight-edge to help keep the blade vertical while cutting because leaning the blade could cause a niche within the patch.

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Match pattern, tape and cut.

Glue and fit patch.

Match pattern, tape firmly and cut vertically.

Clean the cut-out, apply adhesive and hang patch.

Remove both pieces, clean the ground within the cut-out area after which dry-fit the patch. If you have matched and cut precisely, apply adhesive towards the floor having a notched glue packet (or perhaps a V-notched trowel when the area’s big enough). Set the patch in position and firmly press it lower, forcing excess glue toward the perimeters and wipe clean. Make use of a hands roller or moving pin to sort out any bubbles, and weight lower the patch before the adhesive dries.


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