Read to Know About a Few Different Types of Mosquitos in Louisiana

Mosquitoes are more than just bothersome bloodsuckers. Additionally, they pose a health risk to people in Louisiana! If you are like the majority of families, you have already thought about the best strategy to protect your house against these buzzing biters. 

There can be more than 60 species of mosquitoes found in Louisiana, and hence you need to visit the website of Louisiana pest control and discuss with their professionals to offer solutions for this most frustrating pest of Louisiana.

The following are a few different species of mosquitos that you will find in Louisiana.

  • Southern house mosquito

One of the most prevalent mosquito species in Louisiana is the southern house mosquito. And regrettably, they serve as the primary carriers of dangerous illnesses like 

  • West Nile
  • Dog heartworm
  • Encephalitis.  

These medium sized brown mosquitos are found all over the regions and particularly in lower temperate areas.

  • Floodwater mosquito

In Louisiana, the floodwater mosquito is rather widespread. These bugs become more common after torrential rain and flooding. 

They typically swarm and spawn in big quantities and are the first mosquitoes to appear in an area after a hurricane or tropical storm.

  • Asian tiger mosquito

The most obvious species in Louisiana is the Asian tiger mosquito, which is expanding its range. Large mosquitoes, they have prominent black and white stripes. 

And you will likely find them on your property, particularly next to things that gather water.

  • Woodland mosquito

Woodland mosquitoes are infamous for interrupting summer pool parties with their venomous daylight bite. Additionally, they frequently target the upper torso, causing unpleasant face welts on their victims.

  • Malaria mosquito

West Nile and dog heartworm can also be transmitted by the malaria mosquito. This species is sometimes referred to as the marsh mosquito because of its tendency to live close to marshes, swamps, and other wetland habitats. 

They are simple to identify thanks to their enormous brown bodies with dark wing patterns.

  • Dark rice field mosquito

In Louisiana, these dark-colored mosquitoes are common in the vicinity of rice-growing areas. But they also swarm places that have recently seen flooding and severe rain. They have a ten-mile range and are infamous for their vicious, tenacious bite.

Mosquitoes can seem like a way of life for Louisiana residents who have not treated their yards. No family should accept the unfavorable fate of being mosquito food. Make a call to the local pest control specialist right away!


July 2024