Granite Vs. Quartz Countertops: Which One Should You Pick?

Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen from scratch? You might be confused between two kinds of countertops. The salesman/woman will show you a mad variety, but you have to select one out of them. Let’s get into the technicalities! Granite or Quartz – which one should you choose?

Both granite and quartz are popular and much-loved materials for a snazzy stone kitchen countertop. Both are kind of similar in popularity and price. However, the qualities of both materials are quite different.

Granite Vs. Quartz – Understanding the Basic Differences!

Quartz is a manmade or engineered stone. 93% of the material used is quartz and the rest is artificial resin, pigment, and polymer.

Granite is not man-made – it’s a natural stone. These slabs are first removed from a quarry and then taken to a fabrication facility. Then, these slabs are cut and given for polishing. Can you compare this process with a diamond? It’s somewhat similar to how people make diamonds. Granite is superior – it’s porous, so one has to seal it regularly.

This was just the basic difference. Let’s move on to the differences between how they look and feel. Which one’s easier to repair? There is a lot more we have to share with you.

Quick Comparison between Granite and Quartz

Let’s get started with Quartz:

  1. Easy to repair and maintain quartz.
  2. Stain and water-resistant.
  3. Mildew and mold-resistant.
  4. It comes in consistent patterns.

Moving on, let’s understand what the granite material offers:

  1. The material has natural and unique patterns.
  2. It’s cheaper than quartz.
  3. It will be scratch-resistant and also burn-resistant.
  4. No two pieces of granite will ever be the same. So, there’s an exclusiveness factor too!

If your home has a contemporary design, look at solid and plain colors instead of opting for vein-like patterns. Quartz will give an aesthetic appeal – one that looks contemporary and pleasing to the eyes. Granite is perfect for those who want a conventional countertop. It has natural veins, patterns, and wonderful colors that will be soothing to the eyes.

Both granite and quartz would work for an indoor kitchen, but if you are thinking of an outdoor kitchen, the former is the best choice.

There are premium sellers like Granite au summit that offer both varieties. You can always check the patterns and designs before putting all your eggs in one basket. Since it’s a remodeling or a new project, you might want to choose something appealing, suits your style, and is also within your budget.


July 2024