Ceiling lighting- All you need to know

Lighting your home up with the best possible electric appliances is an underrated aspect of home decor. Not just being underrated, at times such things also remain unacknowledged for a long time. The interior decor industry has been around for ages now, and in the past few decades, it has grown by miles. This has allowed the customers to have ample amount of choices for their application in their housing properties. 

A few such decor housing elements are as follows: table lamps, floor lamps, and ceiling lights. Ceiling lights are an addition to the already glorified industry. These have now been around for quite some time, and in the past decade, have stood out to be a staple for houses all across the globe. Thus, the application of ceiling lights at your place might just be a decision that will pay you off visually once it gets installed. Confused about the purpose and application of such a commodity? Mitzi lighting has got you covered.

Purpose of ceiling lights

“Ceiling lights are gonna provide a purpose to an otherwise dull canvas”. This is the most appropriate way to describe such a commodity. Ceiling lights are not just gonna light up your room in the most elegant way possible, but will also help in enhancing the colors that otherwise would have looked dull. The structure that you opt for, for the installation of the lights will dictate the way your interior turns out to be.

Types of ceiling lights

Yes, there are types to it as well. It is not all about one big chain of lights placed throughout the ceiling corners, there are various designs to choose from. A few such types of ceiling lights are:

  1. Flush mount lights
  2. Chandeliers
  3. Track lights
  4. Semi-flush mount lights
  5. Pendant light
  6. Inverted pendant light
  7. Cove lights, etc.

How much should I spend on the installation of such?

Well, it all depends upon how you are willing to establish your house or room. At the same time, the type of design that you prefer will decide whether or not you will be paying a fortune for the accommodation of such.


Home decor is something that can be done within a reasonable range, and at the same time is easy to mess up and miss the mark. Thus, the guidance of a proper home decor service provider might just be beneficial for you.


June 2024