Five Plumbing Features to Make Kid-Friendly Bathrooms

The bathroom is an important part of any home remodel that will make it more child-friendly. Bathrooms are usually designed for adults. Bathrooms that are too big for adults can be difficult to use by little hands. These five key features will make it easier for your child’s to use your new bathroom.

1. Children-Sized Toilets and Urinals

Smaller children cannot always use the larger toilets. Young children may have difficulty climbing on taller toilets. The flushing mechanism can also be difficult for little hands to grasp. Although potty chairs can be a good way for children learn to use the toilet, they are not the most efficient. Potty chairs have a different sound and feel than a real toilet.

Kid-friendly toilets come with lids that can be closed to ensure a tight fit every time. Install a child-friendly toilet in the bathroom to help your child learn independence and make it easier to potty train. Include a wall-mounted, kid-sized urinal if there are any little boys in the family.

2. Easy Access Bathtub

Children have trouble with not only the toilets in the bathroom, but also the other fixtures. Young children can have a hard time with bathtubs. This is especially true for standard-sized bathtubs. Access can be difficult for children younger than 5 years old because of the higher sides. This is where accessible bathtubs are useful.


Because children can climb in and out of shallower tubs with ease, they make bath time more enjoyable. Safety grips on the sides will ensure your child has a secure grip even when they are wet. Your child will feel more independent because of the smaller size.

3. Faucets that are Hands-free

Little hands can struggle to operate faucets. Young children may have trouble turning on the water, even with a step stool. Installing hands-free faucets in your child’s bathroom is a must.


This hands-free design makes it easy for your child to turn on the water and off by themselves. A faucet extender can be added to ensure your child doesn’t have to reach for the water flow.

4. Water Heater

Take precautions to avoid burns when designing the bathroom for your child. The bathroom is where most burns are caused by hot water. Hotter than 38 degrees Celsius should not be allowed in the bathroom. Your child might need to learn how to go to the bathroom by themselves.


You should equip your child’s toilet with a separate water heater. A separate water heater allows you to adjust the temperature to make sure your child is comfortable. This will ensure that your child is safe no matter how hot the water faucet turns. You can also install anti-scald devices at the sink or bathtub if you don’t want a separate water heater.

5. Textured Flooring

For young children, bathrooms floors can also pose safety hazards. Young children should be aware of the dangers of slip and fall accidents. Consider textured flooring to make your bathroom safer for your child. Textured flooring will give your child a solid foundation, even when it is wet.

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June 2024