Glass Partition can be classified into immovable glass partitions, portable glass partitions, and mobile glass partitions, with various materials: like aluminum, stainless steel, steel structure, and frameless glass partitions.

Features of glass partition

  • The glass partition can be partly disassembled and used again many times. Glass partitions can be recombined, can be altered at any time, and reused. The damage is minimal after the materials are disassembled, and can greatly reduce the frequent office moving cost.
  • Glass partition allows easy cable laying because of the internal structure. It does not need to be hidden in the wall, the care and replacement of the cable are more appropriate.
  • Compare with traditional partitions, the installation of glass partitions is faster.
  • After installation, it can be used immediately because it has no pollution or odor emission
  • Glass partitions have a variety of colors that are easily available and all are of your choice.
  • A variety of colors for glass partitions are available for you to choose from. Each material has a range of colors, and components of changing colors can be used together. You can even identify or provide any color and texture quality material.
  • The glass partition has a good sound insulation effect.

Glass Partition maintenance

Good maintenance of the glass partition can increase the service life of the partition and maintain the control of the partition to ensure the safety of people. The importance of maintenance can save repair time and reduce the cost of changing partitions.

Here are some points for maintenance of the glass partition

  • To avoid scratches, fissures, and ditch holes on the glass surface, do not hit directly the external surface of the high partition wall with harsh tools
  • Avoid damage to the glass, do not use sanitizers with abrasives or strong acids.
  • For sanitation use full-effect sanitizer or another mild sanitizer. Use a slightly moist soft cloth to grip the sanitizer, and then wash it with water.
  • To ensure the sticking and sound insulation, adhesive strip & washer is crucial, if it falls, they should be repaired and changed in time.
  • The aluminum alloy glass partition can be cleaned with a soft cloth dipped in water or neutral cleanser, not with common soap and washing powder, and not use strong acid and alkali sanitizers such as distillation powder and toilet detergent.
  • The aluminum alloy glass partition should be gently pushed and pulled during use, and the push and pull should follow the installation direction;
  • For the aging of the aluminum alloy partition fouling and twist of the aluminum alloy, the glass partition is the main cause. It is necessary to follow the hygiene of the aluminum alloy, especially the hygiene of the merging joint. A vacuum cleaner can be used to remove the dust growth in the container and the rubber band.

What is the Life span of Glass partitions?

These are reliable countertop sneeze guards, room separators, and office wall panels that are more long-lasting and maintainable. They will maintain your office’s expert appearance over time and polish. It is entirely eco-friendly and may be recycled forever without losing its superiority or purity.


July 2024