The Ways To Brighten Your Kitchen Space With Versatile Wallpapers

There’s nothing wrong in saying that the kitchen is that part of your home where friends, family, and cousins meet. So, do you want to brighten up this place with charming colors and patterns? Installing wallpaper in a kitchen could be an ideal way to do so. If you are a renter and don’t have your homeowner’s permission to add wallpaper, there are a lot of easy to install removable and temporary wallpapers available in the market you can opt for. Continue reading this blog to get yourself familiarized with how to brighten your kitchen space with versatile wallpapers;

What Types Of Kitchen Wallpapers You Can Go For?

While there are lots of wallpaper options for use in the kitchen but two types are highly recommended including vinyl and washable wallpapers.

  • Vinyl Wallpapers

As compared to traditional wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper is good at resisting grease and moisture. It has the ability to withstand endless spills and splashes. Some vinyl wallpapers can only be cleaned using a gentle cleanser or damp cloth while others are washable. These wallpapers can be categorized into three;

  1. Fabric-Based Vinyl Wallpaper: These types of wallpapers can’t be torn.
  2. Vinyl-Coated Wallpaper: The paper base of these wallpapers is coated with polyvinyl chloride or acrylic vinyl—a barrier that helps prevent the paper from being damaged.
  3. Solid Vinyl Wallpaper: These wallpapers can resist humid situations as they are waterproof.

The good news is that vinyl wallpapers don’t get fade with sunlight exposure and these are cost-effective options.

  • Washable Wallpapers

These types of wallpapers feature a thin plastic transparent coating that covers the printed patterns on the base paper.  With the help of this coating, washable wallpapers can work best against stains and marks, making it possible to wipe them using a sponge or damp cloth. These are ideal for kitchens!

Wallpaper Patterns & Prints

The majority of people prefer wallpaper designs with fresh vegetables, brightly colored herbs, and fruits of any kind. All these will have a stimulating effect on environment. On the other hand, designs for modern wallpapers are not limited to any specific styles, patterns, prints or colors. From 3D geometry to abstract flowers or unusual ornaments, you can choose any of your favorite designs to print on modern wallpapers. If your kitchen follows a smart style and contemporary look, you can go for light or soft colored striped wallpapers. And if you want to make your kitchen bolder, you can opt for a modern design. All it depends upon your requirements.

Gone are the days when people prefer installing wallpapers in bedrooms and living rooms. With advancements in designing technology, wallpaper has now become a growing trend in every kitchen. If you are fed-up with conventional wall applications, you can simply go for wallpapers as they are very versatile and easy to install. We hope you’ve now enough understanding regarding the ways to spruce up your kitchen with wallpapers. Trust this creativity!


June 2024