Key benefits of plantation shutters

Plantation shutters have been in use for many years and are an extremely popular mode of window covering all over the world. Especially in Australia, plantation shutters are one of the standard features of almost every Australian home as they offer plenty of advantages to you and your home.

Although blinds and curtains are good enough for window treatment yet plantation shutters have gained popularity due to various inherent advantages.

Advantages offered by plantation shutters

The significant advantages offered by plantation shutters include:

  • Improve aesthetics

Plantation shutters not only offer you a more gorgeous, classic, and designer look but are also considered more practical to use. Apart from an enhanced aesthetic benefit, plantation shutters help enhance the overall curb appeal of the property.

  • Better and more intricate control over natural light

Unlike blinds, plantation shutters offer you better control over the light that enters your room during the daytime as they can be adjusted to provide you with the required natural lights and are capable of eliminating screen glare problems.

Moreover, plantation shutters can be designed to split into sections, each one having its own louver, to offer you an efficient and intricate control to allow light and brightness as required by you. With curtains and blinds either you get no light on drawing them or get all the light without control when you withdraw or open them.

  • Maintain privacy

Through windows with or without curtains; people or passers-byes can see you and your room. When you install plantation shutters, you will not have to bother about your privacy as when plantation shutters have closed no one from outside can peep into your room or watch your activities.

This helps maintain your privacy and assure you peace and comfort besides offering you sound insulation to help prevent distraction due to unwanted noise.

  • Energy efficiency

Window plantation shutters have been found useful in improving energy efficiency in your home and hence are considered energy-efficient. They help lower your energy bills by lessening the energy consumption in your room or the whole house by providing you with better thermal insulation.

Better thermal resistance offered by the plantation shutters helps retain heat when it is cold and reduces heat transfer in rooms when the temperatures are high during summers and can help you feel comfortable during different weathers.

By virtue of this property, plantation shutters may also reduce the need for using HVACs a lot and can reduce energy bills significantly

  • High customizability

Plantation shutters can be designed in various designs, shapes, sizes, and colors with adjustable blades having almost 180-degree rotation.

They can be made with materials like:

  • Timber like Basswood, Poplar, Kiri, Western Red Cedarwood
  • Aluminum is the most durable and long-lasting to provide better control of airflow and light. Being resistant to corrosive elements, aluminum plantation shutters are rust-proof and are ideal for outdoor settings.
  • PVC is resistant to moisture, humidity, and warping and remains unaffected despite getting exposed to moisture. PVC plantation shutters are highly weather-resistant, easy to maintain, and durable.
  • Assure safety

Plantation shutters offer adequate UV protection, protect furniture and furnishings, etc. from sun damage and discoloration

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June 2024